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Sheba’s Diet and Complementary Treatments

Perusing through tripawd blogs and various other online sites has helped us to develop what we think would be a diet to support Sheba through her battle against OSA. For the complementary therapy components, we consulted with a veterinary oncologist who is doubly IVAS Certified and has training in traditional Chinese medicine. Hopefully, our east meets west concept will give cancer the boot!

Sheba is 31 lb and gets two meals a day consisting of the following:

*note: We break open all of Sheba’s pills and mix only the contents with her meal so that she doesn’t get all the junk from the capsules.


-1 scoop rehydrated Stella and Chewy’s Savory Salmon and Cod Meal Mixers – this is our way of adding high quality raw proteins into her diet. About 30% of the time, Sheba will get cooked chicken/fish/egg protein in place of this

-1/2 cup Orijen Adult formula – this is a high quality, grain free, kibble made of 80% meats. It is low carb and low glycemic

-1/2 teaspoon Pet Kelp vitamin and mineral supplement

-1 capsule of wild salmon and fish oil (1000mg)

-1/4 teaspoon MUSH medicinal mushrooms from Fungi Perfecti

-a cooked vegetable (usually greens like broccoli, spinach, bok choy, occasionally carrots)

-400iu Vitamin E (we do not give for 5 days before chemo and 10 days after chemo in case the antioxidant properties antagonize chemotherapy)


-same as breakfast except milk thistle (1000mg) is given instead of Vitamin E – this is to support her liver against the toxic effects of the drugs

Snacks and other supplements

-2-3 pieces of healthy treats that support her low glycemic diet  (eg. freeze dried beef liver, salmon skin)

-1 slow release turmeric pill (Meriva SR) – turmeric has shown some promising anti-tumor properties

-a wallop (~2 tablespoon) of lactose free plain yogurt before bed. This is taken with a 500mg pill of vitamin C (we do not give for 5 days before chemo and 10 days after chemo in case the antioxidant properties antagonize chemotherapy)

So far she is doing great on this diet. She is holding a stable weight, energetic, and hasn’t exhibited any negative gastrointestinal effects. In about a week’s time we will be starting Sheba on her prescribed course of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture  to complement her therapy. More to come on that!

Sheba says "Keep it cool!"
Sheba says “Keep it cool!”





2 thoughts on “Sheba’s Diet and Complementary Treatments”

  1. Oh my DOG Sheba I love you!

    And your treatment protocol is darn good. Great in fact! Who is the doc you’re consulting with?

    1. The specialist that we had a phone consult with is Dr. Erin Bannink from OVRS. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. She is now working in conjunction with our local vet, Dr. James Clark who served on the Board of Directors for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, and continue now as a member of their Council of Elders. We hope through their combined expertise in complementary therapy we will be able to give Sheba the best chance.

      Dr. Erin Bannink,d.eXY

      Dr. James Clark

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